"Just what I was looking for!! I am computer illiterate and this was SO easy for me to use. I have tried several other programs and couldn't figure them out. I have been doing my family budget out of a notebook and this was the same set up I was using only it has so many neat features and does all of the math. I would highly recommend this to some one who lives check to check. Great program. Thank you!"

"If you're in debt (who isn't?) you need this!"


A Special Offer


90-Day Free Trial

The Average Wage Earner's Budget Manager is not intended to be a Financial Advisor. It merely quickly and accurately informs you of the consequences or benefits of whatever decisions you make.

However, due to the invaluable information it can provide you, based on what you tell it, you can "see" where your financial plans are headed and take whatever actions you can to enhance your circumstances for the better.

For a limited time only, The Average Wage Earner's Budget Manager is available for a special introductory price of only $19.99 plus any applicable sales tax. We want to make it as easy as possible for the average wage earner to benefit from its features. With thousands of households near bankruptcy, now is the time to bring finances under control - before it is too late!

We've even arranged matters so that there is absolutely no risk in trying Budget Manager out. In fact, you can test it for 90 days at no cost by downloading our full featured trial version and managing your budget with it. If you decide that it doesn't suit your needs, you have no obligation - the software "crashes" upon completion of 90 days.

However, if you get "hooked" on Budget Manager - and we're sure you will because of getting used to its quick and simple methods of budget management - we will grant you access to download the registered version. Then you can just pick up your budget from where you left off and continue to enjoy Budget Manager's capable assistance.

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